Birmingham Black Techies Presentation




Kenny Robinson

Programmer Analyst







Live in multi-story house with single HVAC system; thermostat is on lower floor

Upstairs is always hotter



Initial Solution

Window AC was connected to timer

Ran when not needed; higher power bill



Current Solution

Thermometer reading available via API

Smart Outlets (WeMo) that control window AC units

Home automation to control outlets based on temperature

Only runs when needed; lower power bill




DS18S20 temperature sensor

Raspberry Pi (used Pi 3B+)

Window AC

Belkin Wemo Smart Plug




Custom .NET 5 Web API

Home Assistant




Code Review

Source Code


Returns JSON data




Home Automation Review

Automation rules

Home Assistant Website



Project Information

Project Documentation




presentation given to the Birmingham Black Techies group on February 9, 2022

Posted: 2022-02-09