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Here are some resources that you may find beneficial. My goal is to share the knowledge that I have with others in hopes that that will pass it forward like I have done. This list will be updated as I find and create resources related to programming and working in IT (Information Technology). Some of the links are resources that I have used myself. Each of the links go to a person in tech, tech related group, or tech related organization.

Additional resources nad suggestions can be added to this list by messaging me on Instagram or Twitter.


Black In Tech

Groups or content targeted for or created by Black people in the IT industry. Some of the resources apply to mutliple areas of tech, while others are specific. Some groups may have a presence on multiple platforms and are noted accordingly.


Wanting to get a Linux certification, but do not have any experience with it? The resources below will get you on the way to learning Linux and what all it has to offer.

Web and Software Development

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or beginner, these resources will help you with challenges that you may face when working on websites or software.

Last update: 2021-11-26
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