Kenny Ram Dash Cam


Was watching some videos on YouTube, and found that there is a market for people wanting to view dash cam videos. For some of these people, they want to see them because they are disabled and having limited mobility. For others, they watch dash cam videos because they want to see areas of the country that they will be planning on visiting or to remember trips they used to take when they were younger.


Back Story

I purchased a dash cam in 2017. The day I got the dash cam was delivered, I installed it in my vehicle and continued about my day. Later that same day, I was rear ended by an inattentive driver. Using the dash cam footage as evidence, proved to the officer that responded to the scene that the other driver had lied about what happened and supported the fact that I was not at fault.

Using The Footage

The Kenny Ram Dash Cam YouTube channel was created in part to document my travels to and from various places via automobile. Also to catch bad driving and other mishaps, including car accidents, that occur.

As of January 2024, I have managed to capture a police chase, drunk driver, and several car accidents on my dash cam.

The goal of the channel is to continue to share footage of bad driving, trips to cities that I visit, and talk about vehicle maintenance (as you need a car to use a dash cam).

You can check out the footage from my travels on the Kenny Ram Dash Cam YouTube channel.


  • Uniden DC4 Dash Cam
  • ffmpeg – video rendering and graphics
  • YouTube

Source Code

Source code for the project is available on my GitHub repository.