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I wanted to have a way for the visitors to my light show are able to find out the information about the song that was currently playing. Some other Light Show Creators use screens or equipment that will display the song information on a visitor's radio using RDS (Radio Data System).


I did not want to have to invest heavy into this project, so after I found out that Falcon Pi Player came with an API, I decided to build a .NET Core application that would post the song information to Twitter. Then create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) in my show that lets visitors know about the Twitter page and that song and show information is available on this page.

While most of the plugins for Falcon Pi Player are written in PHP or Shell (Bash) Script, this application was originally written in .NET Core 3.1 and now uses .NET 5. While I do know how to program in PHP and Bash, C# and .NET Core is what I primarily use. Thus using this language and framework for the application.

Project was started in 2020.

Twitter Example

This project is designed for Falcon Pi Player to provide updates via Twitter on the light show that you are running. Those updates include posting the current song and providing alerts when problems are detected.

Follow my Light Show account @hplightshow to see what this application can do.


  • TWitter
  • .NET 6 C#
  • Falcon Pi Player
  • Raspberry Pi


The documentation for this application is available as part of the README of the source code.