2021 Christmas Light Show

Image of 2020 Light Show

Show Dates and Times

Show will run nightly from November 25, 2021 until December 25, 2021.

  • Nightly, Pre-show (static lights) starts at 4:30 PM (16:30)
  • Nightly, 5:30 PM (17:30) until 10:00 PM (22:00)

During times of heavy rain or severe weather the light show may be stopped to reduce the chance of electrical shorts occurring and for safety of individuals watching. If the show is cancelled, it will be posted on the show Twitter page and it is asked that you revisit another evening after the weather has cleared.

Listen From Your Car

To listen to the light show, tune your radio to 90.3 FM.

  • Please keep your radio volume down to not disturb the neighbors.
  • Please remain in your vehicle for your safety and that of passing vehicles.
  • Please keep your park lights on while watching the show so that you are visible to other drivers that are passing by.

Song List

Songs featured in the 2021 Light Show are:

  • 20th Century Fox Theme
  • Christmas Eve-Sarajevo - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Christmas Time Is Party Time - Luke
  • December - Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • Nutrocker - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • The Polar Express - Tom Hanks
  • The Song That Doesn't End - Shari Lewis
  • Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
  • What You Want for Christmas - 69 Boyz featuring Quad City DJs and K-nock

You may watch videos from the 2021 Christmas Light Show on YouTube.

Twitter Feed

Current song information and countdown to Christmas is posted to Twitter.

Fun Facts

  • 19 channels
  • 3520 LED lights
  • 1 15-Amp Circuit
  • 3 8-channel Relay Boards
  • 1 Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Numerous hours of programming
  • Over 200 Feet of extension cords

Watch The Show

Show has been uploaded to my business Facebook page.

Other Information

To find out more about the light show, including previous years show information and behind the scenes looks, visit one of the pages listed below.