Building A Christmas Light Show Control Box (Presentation 2020-12-20)

About The Show

  • 2,130 LED lights
  • 16 channels
  • Took about 1.5 months to build box and show
  • Approximately 15 minute show duration


Control Box

Control box with relays, Rapsberry Pi, and outlets

  • Incoming power
  • Relays
  • Control and audio
  • Output/Lighting Connections

Volts, Amps, and Watts

Video Explaination

Raspberry Pi and FM Transmitter

Raspberry Pi and FM Transmitter

  • 5 volt circuit, provided by the Raspberry Pi
  • Used to control relays
  • FM transmitter, broadcasts on signal of choosing
  • low-power transmitter
  • 24 channel capacity

Solid State Relays

8-Channel Solid State Relay board

  • No moving parts
  • Silent operation
  • Connected to lights via outlets



Screenshot of Xlights sequencing

  • Used to create a file that controls the lights
  • Build model of house to preview show

Falcon Pi Player (FPP)

Screenshot of Falcon Pi Player homepage

  • Runs on Raspberry Pi
  • Reads the file created in xLights with the light data
  • Plays the music
  • Scheduling and show playlist
  • Used to configure controller

Updates Via Twitter

Screenshot of C# application with code

Screenshot of tweets from the application

2020 Christmas Light Show

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