Lessons from Live Stream on Tech Thursdays

I completed another live stream this past week where I talked about tech. One thing that I have noticed is that there are some questions that get regularly asked. One thing that I am thinking of doing is to create separate long form videos of those questions being asked. Then have viewers that ask those questions to go to my blog to see the post, or YouTube or Facebook page to watch the long form video of that question being answered.

One of the reasons for this is when the questions start rolling in, they come in so fast that I actually get behind on the questions being answered. Now the downside to this is that trying to get through the backlog of questions, means that viewers that are just coming in will ask there question thinking that you are caught up and reading the questions in real time. When you don’t answer their question quick enough, then they ask it again.

Another thing that I intend on doing is to update the Resources section of the website and possibly re-brand it. Biggest thing will be to have it as a section that answers those common questions, in addition to having other information for those who are looking to switch careers.

Another issue is that wearing a white shirt while doing a live stream is a bad idea. The way that TikTok works, the comments that the viewers provide, shows up on the screen in white text. To my knowledge there is no way that it can be changed or moved on the screen. Thus this text shows up over the bottom where your shirt is, thus making it difficult to read. I did put on a jacket that was a different color, but eventually I started to get hot and ended up taking the jacket back off. Therefore in the future, I need to make sure that I am not wearing a white shirt when doing a live.

Another thing that I need to do, is periodically update the resources content that I have on my website. Some of the organizations and individuals that have

Posted: 2024-02-25
Author: Kenny Robinson