Scammers and Marketers Can Help Your Business

Today I received a call from a guy. I do not recall what company that he was calling from nor his name, but I did take the time the listen to what he was offering because I was driving. It was either engage with the caller, or listen to the many of commercials and same songs on the radio.

When the conversation started, he came off as a scammer. Very canned introductory statement with name of my business and the services offered inserted where it was necessary. He continued on talking about how he could help me (granted I did not ask for help) with growing my business and wanted to talk about what he could do. I let him do his sales pitch because of the fact, I had the time. However, he wanted to set up a 30 minute time to discuss things further, which I was not interested.

As he continued down this rabbit hole and tried to convince me that I was not going to grow my business by not setting up a 30 minute call with him, he made a comment about the website that I ended up taking note to. He said that my business website did not have pages for the services that was offered and that working with him that he would be able to have those pages so that the business would rank better. I told him that I did have those pages, pages for each city on the website, in addition to other content. He pulled up the website, and mentioned that the website was just a landing page and did not have any content. I told him that if he went to the website, that he would see that there are two divisions of the business. One for tech and one for home improvement. When clicking the service that one needed, it would then take you to the appropriate division website.

He clicked what I was telling him, and said “oh”. He went on to say that me having to explain how to navigate the website, means that it was not as obvious as a user may think and should be redesigned.

To be honest, I thought the site navigation was rather clear, but based on his opinion, it was not. This is a helpful advice because I did not have that perspective about my website. He continued to try to sell me the services, but he eventually got the hint that I definitely was not going to buy. I did get something out of that phone call, which that the home page of the website needs to be redesigned. I started doing research of other businesses that have multiple offerings and consulting with ChatGPT on what changes that I could make.

I went ahead and created and issue on GitHub for the business website so that I can remember to make this change and the notes about what was said on the call. In the future, I will be making those updates to the website and intend on making videos about the coding sessions.

Posted: 2023-12-07
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr