Content Creation Workflow

The automation that I created to help me create videos works well. The problem though, is that how I built it makes it somewhat difficult to maintain.

One thought that I had was that I build a Shell script that can perform the same tasks as the C# application that I created, but can reduce the number of tasks that are being perform by the application.
The application is currently packaging the videos into a tarball to simplify the archiving process. In addition to, moving the files around on the file system.

After watching videos done by others about their content creation process, I have decided that mine needs some improvements. First of those would be to keep only the final video without the graphics added to it. The raw video footage is trimmed, cut, and spliced to create the final video, so no need to keep the unused parts of the video footage.

Second, keep a copy of only the final video file. This reduce the amount of storage that I would need. In the future, there may be another platform that I would like to upload my content to. If that content has restrictions about business branding or similar, then I redo the graphics in that.

Third, it takes for ever for FFMPEG to render out some of the content. This from what I have been able to determine, has a lot to do with the converting the video to a common format in order to be able to render it, archiving and extracting archive contents, and moving files around on the file system.

I will be making a video series about refactoring the application to use a different design and functionality. I may stick with C# as the processing application, because at some point I would like to have the application automatically upload the videos to the various platforms that I use via their APIs. On the other hand, I realize that having a Shell script that will run the various commands is much easier to do. Stay tuned to the Tech Talk with RHT Services YouTube Channel and Facebook page to see what I ultimately decide and code.

Posted: 2023-10-24
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr