Google Search Console Reports 500 Errors


After converted my website from Drupal 7 to a static website, I received an email from Google that their Search Console was getting pages that mentioned 500 errors.

Here's the detail about why those pages show up and how to go about correcting them.


Transcript (Unedited)

recently I received the email from Google saying that it was receiving 500 errors when it was looking at the pages on my website so I'm show you what I did to investigate it and what the fix is what's going on fellow engineers thank you for checking out my channel if you're interested in checking out videos about technology and how to do things yourself please be sure to subscribe by clicking the subscribe button below so recently as I mentioned I got to this video this email from Google and as you see here it mentions my website the almost engineer calm and that the search console detected the issue with my website and as you see here is getting errors of the 500 X X type so what I did was to go into the Google search console and if you go to the coverage page it will show you that there are errors here there are valid pages and some pages were excluded but here are the errors as you see there are 9 of them I actually in did remove more than nine pages what happened was I've converted my site from Drupal 7 to a static site using MK ducts and so a lot of those pages like key word pages category pages other type of taxonomy type pages that were automatically being generated by Drupal are no longer there because I'm now using MK Docs and so what has happened is that google has went to those pages that were previously in the sitemap that a newer from the Drupal site and now it doesn't see them and so it has since alerted that hey these pages were previously here now they're not and I'm getting 500 errors you might want to look into this and so I've come into search console and as you see here the details stro 500 X X error and so it has found or identified nine pages that match this server error and so if I go to one of these URLs so I'm just take this first one here at the top yeah come on copy and so my hosting provider is throwing this page because it does not exist this is a valid you know page that should not exist anymore because of the conversion but it's also found other URLs that exist here that prove that previously existed that no longer exists so as far as I'm concerned all of these are valid 500 errors and should not be a problem if you have these URLs coming in and they should not be coming in meaning the pages for these URLs still exist but Google's saying there I'm getting 500 errors as they don't exist then you need to take action into investigating why is the search console or Google getting 500 errors if those pages actually do exist since those pages do not exist in my particular scenario i am probably will be fine with them throwing 500 errors what I could do is possibly put in a redirect page and that redirect page redirects you back from these errors that are thrown at 500 these pages 200 or 500 errors back to the home page or somewhere else on the site to say like this page no longer exists or something of that nature that will resolve the 500 error issue that Google search console is finding so hopefully this has given you insight into how to address the 500 server error message that Google search console may find with your website if you have any questions or you are getting this error on your particular website feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below also don't forget to follow me on social media I am on Twitter and Instagram at almost Engr

Updated: 2020-07-15 | Posted: 2020-01-21