RaspiTraffic Demo, US Signaling

Demonstration showing a real traffic light being controlled by a Raspberry Pi. The signaling performed in this diagram follows the US pattern of red to green to yellow to red.

The LCD in the control box (pictured in the lower left of the screen), counts down the amount of time remaining before the next signal phase. It also shows the current signal phase.

Parts used for this build: - Raspberry Pi (with Raspbian installed) - 4-channel relay board - GPIO jumper cables - extension cord - 14 gauge wire (one for each signal and neutral) - 16x2 LCD display - Plastic wiring box with clear cover - retired traffic signal

Code for this project as well as the instructions on how to build this project are available at https://github.com/almostengr/raspitraffic-stem

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Updated: 2020-07-15 | Posted: 2018-01-23