Green Screen with Flash videos in Windows 10

Great!!! You've upgrade to Windows 10. No issues thus far. Then you go to one of your favorite websites to watch some videos. Once the video starts playing, instead of seeing cats all over the place you just see green. Well apparently all with Windows 10 isn't good. To fix this infinite green screen, do the following:

1) Begin playing a flash video. NOTE: Youtube utilizes HTML5 to play videos, so you may not see a green screen there. 2) Right-click on the player window. 3) Uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration" box. 4) Refresh the page

When you retry to play the video after refreshing the page, you should be able to see the cats all over the place instead of green like a golf course.

Updated: 2020-07-15 | Posted: 2015-10-07