Technology is a challenging field because it is always changing. I share my experiences working with technology here, as it may help others find answers to the problems or issues that they face.


Notes from church service use a framework and not a formula dependence on the Holy Spirit is non negotiable there are 7 prespectives Principle Psalm 119:105 God rarely allows us to see every step that we need to see in a situation, but reveals...
A 3 minute read | posted on 2022-05-01

Scoped or Transient Service with Hosted Service

I created an API application that allows a temperature sensor on the network. By doing this, this allows Home Assistant to access the data and control the air conditioning via Wemo Smart Outlets. One problem that I had with this was getting the...
A 1 minute read | posted on 2022-04-24

Great Resignation Thoughts, IT Perspective

The Great Resignation. It is a term that has become more popular with the number of people that are quitting their jobs because of the shift in the work culture. Break That Lease Many companies lease, not own, the office space that they have....
A 6 minute read | posted on 2022-04-20

Apply For That Job

Couple of weeks ago, an individual that is in one of the Black Tech groups that I am in on Facebook, made a post. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the exact text of the post and cannot get the text because the poster deleted said post. I am...
A 6 minute read | posted on 2022-04-16

Automate YouTube Video Creation

Background As some of you may know, I run two YouTube channels. One is Robinson Handy and Technology Services, which I talk about tech, do it yourself repairs and builds, and a bit more. The other is Kenny Ram Dash Cam, which is where I upload...
A 7 minute read | posted on 2022-04-07

AT&T Prepaid, Can't Use Data Even With Data Plan

All was good for the day. Was able to access the internet via my phone. Then all of a sudden I was not able to. Still able make and receive calls and texts, but no internet. As they say on the "IT Crowd", "Have you tried turning it off and back...
A 2 minute read | posted on 2022-04-01

Adding GitHub Actions to Blog

I share how I went about adding Github Actions to my blog.
A 5 minute read | posted on 2022-02-26

No Blog Comments Here

I share why I do not allow commenting on my blog
A 3 minute read | posted on 2022-02-25

Got a 3D Printer. Now what?

A 3D printer was donated to my NSBE chapter. Discuss what I have learned about it thus far.
A 4 minute read | posted on 2022-02-24

Breaking Into Tech (A Perspective)

Yesterday I attended a session about breaking into tech. This is a topic that I frequently see asked on Black Tech Twitter and various tech Facebook groups that I'm in. However, I've never seen it explained in the manner like I saw at this...
A 3 minute read | posted on 2022-02-02

Calendar Versioning Works

Discussion about versioning software and why I chose to follow calendar versioning
A 4 minute read | posted on 2021-12-12

Find SQL Server Stored Procedure or Function by Contents

SQL Server does not give an easy way to find a stored procedure by its contents. I show you how this can be done.
A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-11-26

JQuery Validator with Parameter

How to use the JQuery Validator plugin with parameters
A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-08-12

Importance of QR Code Placement

When on vacation, I had a problem scanning the QR code to pull up the restaurant's menu.
A 2 minute read | posted on 2021-07-01 | updated on 2021-07-02

Why Do Coding Challenges?

Coding challenges can be difficult, but they help you grow and improve your skills.
A 3 minute read | posted on 2021-06-25

Creating MkDocs Template, Part 3

In this video, I close out the video series about creating a templte for a MkDocs website. For more information about the template, check out the video. Video Transcript (Unedited) between the last part and this part of the video series i was not...
A 18 minute read | posted on 2021-06-22

Creating a MkDocs Template, Part 1

In this mulit-part series, I walk you through how to create a template for a MkDocs based website.
A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-06-08 | updated on 2021-06-12

Refusing to Allow an OAuth App To Create or Update Workflow

If you attempt to push a branch that does not have the proper permissions and a workflow to GitHub, then you may receive an error message.
A 3 minute read | posted on 2021-06-05

Removing Linux Kernels

When the kernels are left on your Linux system, they can take up unnecessary disk space. Thus they should be removed when no longer used.
A 6 minute read | posted on 2021-05-10

Get A Tech Job with No Experience

I share ways on how to get a job as a programmer or software developer without much experience.
A 9 minute read | posted on 2021-05-06

Coding Challenge Generate Random Passwords

Video Links Mentioned Coding Challenge Repository Transcript (Unedited) what's going on good people this video i'm going to continue building out a coding challenge that i did with the password generator some time ago what i want to be able to do...
A 31 minute read | posted on 2021-05-04

Calculating Read Time with Static Blog

A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-04-06

Git Local Branch Cleanup

After sometime with using Git, you will need to clean up your branches. THis article has the commands on how to do that.
A 2 minute read | posted on 2021-04-01

Coding Challenge Create Hangman Game

Video Links Mentioned Coding Challenge Repository Transcript (Unedited) what's going on good people this video will be a coding challenge video the challenge is actually a little bit more difficult than what i'm used to this particular challenge...
A 35 minute read | posted on 2021-03-30

How to Use the Facebook Sharing Debugger and Open Graph Tags

A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-03-23

OBS Hotkeys with Number Pad

A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-03-16

Increase Your Page Speed Score

A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-03-09

Commit Without Files

You can write commit messages without committing files
A 3 minute read | posted on 2021-03-04

Coding Challenge Fizz Buzz with .NET Core

Video Links Mentioned Coding Challenge Repository Transcript (Unedited) what's going on good people so this video will be another coding challenge this coding challenge will be doing the fizz buzz you've probably heard of this one before uh...
A 8 minute read | posted on 2021-03-02

Website Coding Day 7, Engineers Week 2021

Video Links Transcript (Unedited) continuing with the next step in the process what i'm going to be working on is to do the automated deployment now what i'm going to actually do is leverage the existing...
A 25 minute read | posted on 2021-02-27

Website Coding Day 6, Engineers Week 2021

Video Links Transcript (Unedited) i have the contact form created and the only way to access it is to click down here at the bottom i also have some links within the pages themselves that will have a link...
A 37 minute read | posted on 2021-02-26

Website Coding Day 5, Engineers Week 2021

Video Links Transcript (Unedited) welcome back i am continuing the process of the update on the website and i know you're probably thinking like how many parts this is going to be well it's going to be a...
A 48 minute read | posted on 2021-02-25

Website Project for Engineers Week 2021

I In honor of Engineers Week 2021, I redesigned by NSBE chapter's website.
A 1 minute read | posted on 2021-02-23

Google Black Publishers Summit

As a content creator and blogger, I attended the Black Publishers Summit offered by Google. Below are the notes that I took from the sessions that I attended. Opening session discussed trends about how a number of people are using their mobile...
A 5 minute read | posted on 2020-12-08 | updated on 2022-04-14

Control GPIO with .NET Core on Raspberry Pi

I discuss the steps to get .NET Core running on Raspberry Pi with GPIO support.
A 1 minute read | posted on 2020-10-25 | updated on 2020-10-25

FFMPEG for Image Slideshow

You can use ffmpeg to create a video slide show from images.
A 4 minute read | posted on 2020-10-10 | updated on 2020-10-10

How to Update My Static Website?

If you have a static website, here is how to make those updates. Before making updates, please be familiar with the Markdown language. You can reference the A 1 minute read | posted on 2020-10-04 | updated on 2020-12-19

Github as Content Management System (CMS)

Discuss about how GitHub can be used as a content management system and to avoid systems like Drupal and Wordpress
A 4 minute read | posted on 2020-09-22 | updated on 2020-09-22

Git: Change Master Branch to Main Branch

Given the racial relations in the US, a number of users have changed the primary branch to "main" instead of "master"
A 1 minute read | posted on 2020-09-15 | updated on 2021-03-10

Prune Branches In Visual Studio

Visual Studio does not automatically prune old branches when you fetch.
A 3 minute read | posted on 2020-09-12 | updated on 2020-09-12

Uninstall Java from Ubuntu

Uninstall of Java from Ubuntu is easy. Just a few commands to get it removed.
A 1 minute read | posted on 2020-09-08 | updated on 2020-09-16

Select List of Times (10-minute increments)

This is an HTML select list of times.
A 36 minute read | posted on 2020-08-25 | updated on 2020-09-02

HP Wireless Printer Problems

Background I had a job for a chair assembly for a customer. The only problem was that the customer had not received the chair. It was scheduled to be delivered on the same day that I was scheduled to assemble it, but that did not happen. I...
A 5 minute read | posted on 2020-08-19 | updated on 2020-08-19

College Programming Course Files on GitHub

Background As I was cleaning off files on my computer recently, I found files that I had from college. Some of these files were from the classes that I took. Some are from the classes that others took and I helped them with their coursework. I...
A 9 minute read | posted on 2020-08-16 | updated on 2020-08-16

CiviCRM Cron Job Script with Wordpress

To make CiviCRM work in Wordpress, you need to have cronjobs scheduled on your system to run to certain intervals. Otherwise you have to manually run these task which will increase your manual workload. In this video, I show you how to set up...
A 8 minute read | posted on 2020-08-13 | updated on 2020-08-16

CiviCRM Configuration Checklist

In this video, I talk about the configuration options that are available in CIVICRM and discuss each of them. Video