Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Control (2018)

Traffic light

The purpose of this project is to educate children about the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Through the use of low cost devices and effective teaching, by grouping these subjects together, children are able to associate what they are learning with interactions with everyday items.

For example, most children are aware of the purpose of a traffic light, but most are not aware of a traffic lights' internal workings. This project is designed to educate children by explaining the workings of the "black box" of a traffic light.

This project targets the "T, E, and M" of "STEM" by using electronic circuits for controlling the lights, software for controlling the electronic circuits, and mathematical calculations for making timing decisions.

Code for this project is downloadable from our GitHub page at https://github.com/almostengr/raspitraffic-stem.