Home Automation with C#


There are limitations that exist with Home Assistant. One of those limitations was that I had issues with my home router and the wifi going offline due to system process crashing. Since this check was not available to be done by Home Assistant, I decided to create an automation using Selenium WebDriver that would login to the router's web interface and perform various checks. Then based on the data shown the automation can then reboot the router to make sure the Wifi comes back online.


Other automations have been added to this project, to further extend Home Assistant. Automations are trigger via an API call from Home Assistant to the custom application.

In addition, rules that are difficult to implement in Home Assistant, can be coded in a language that I am familiar with. Then the application can send a API response back to Home Assistant to perform the appropriate action.

Project was started in 2021


  • C#
  • Selenium WebDriver