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Greenhouse Controller


I enjoy gardening. However the hard part about gardening, is remembering to do the tasks that are necessary to keep the garden going. In todays always busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to pay attention to the minor details of a garden. Like when it does not rain for several weeks on end and because you do not pay attention to the weather like you should, the garden ends up dying out from the lack of water.


My answer to this problem is to create an system that can monitor a greenhouse and respond to the environment by performing the necessary operations. For example, when the soil is dry, then water the plants. When the greenhouse is hot, then turn on the fans. When it cant address a problem, then a notification is sent to a human to intervene.

This project is in progress at this time. Once the project has been completed, documentation will be completed and more information about the project will be provided.

  • Technology: C#
  • Year Started: 2021
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