It Was Built In The 1970s

This is the outline for a Toastmasters speech that I gave about homes that were built in the 1970s

  • asked about has house always been this way; looks like two houses that were put together based on framing
  • hot water tank installed the wrong way in attic; have to crawl or squat to adjust the controls
  • outlet did not work; aluminum wire connected directly to copper during renovation
  • roof line on back matches, not on front
  • insulation not staying in knee walls because there's no back; excess heat and cold into living space

  • older houses are typcially built better; wood was different

  • they do have some things that aren't allowed now, but were the norm back then
  • houses during that time, weren't cookie cutter; builders were more creative
Posted: 2024-05-07
Author: Kenny Robinson