Mind Running Full Speed Til You Can't Sleep

A fellow Facebook friend posted about struggling to keep up with things and to an extent, life. As I went to start doing some computer tasks, this article titled "Helping women get better sleep by calming the relentless 'to-do lists' in their heads" showed up as a recommendation to read. Now while I am not a woman, the lack of sleep is something that I think a lot of Americans can relate to.

How does one manage all of the things? I have heard of people doing “brain dump”, which is where they unload all of the things that they need to do onto their calendar or paper and continue working on that thing at a later point. The reason that I did not go this route, is because I would find myself putting a piece of paper down and then would not be able to remember where I put the paper. Thus the task would most likely be forgotten unless something or someone reminded me to do it.

One thing that I have adapted to do is instead of remembering all of the things and more that need to be done, to block a time off on when to do the thing using my calendar. Now if I am unable to do that thing when I originally schedule it, then I move it to another date and time. I will admit, that I have moved some tasks multiple times. Moreso because they needed to be done.

Previously I used Trello to keep track of tasks. Problem was that in order to see the tasks, that I would have to go into the Trello app to see what needed to be done. At the time, Trello would have reminders, but that would be right before when the item was due. Using the calendar made it much easier and also help me manage my schedule overall better.

Another thing that I started doing is when I cannot sleep during the night, to get up and start doing stuff that needs to be done. As my dad mentioned to me one time, “There’s always laundry that needs to be done.” I find this to be very true and doing laundry in the middle of the night does help me go back to sleep.

I found that majority of tasks, with the exception of me watching Tiktok or IG Reels, would help me go back to sleep. I think there is some truth about the blue night making it more difficult for you to sleep. Even with having the Night Mode (where the device changes the tone of the screen to reduce the amount of blue light that is displayed) and Dark Mode enabled, sometimes I will not go back to sleep.

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Posted: 2024-04-30
Author: Kenny Robinson