Get To The Point, A Speech About My Communication Style

Assessment Information

  • Supportive, 4
  • Direct, 3
  • Analytical, 2
  • Initiating, 2

Based on the assessment, I am a patient, cooperative, and sympathetic. I also prefer a personal and relaxed environment. Also am results-oriented, focused, and competitive. Also am independent and confident.

  • 5 to 7 minute speech

Descriptions taken from Toastmasters

As a supportive communicator, you are seen as patient, cooperative, and sympathetic. You are an active listener and anticipate the needs of others. Calm and steady, you desire a personal and relaxed environment. Because of your dislike of change, you may appear indecisive at times. Do not hesitate to ask for more detail or information if needed.

If you score highest in the direct communicator style you are results-oriented, focused, and competitive. Motivated to get things accomplished, you are quick and decisive. Because you are independent and confident, you prefer a busy, efficient and structured environment. Others may sometimes perceive you as impatient and demanding. Allowing others to share feelings and explain details can encourage dialogue.


  • 4 styles in total; will only cover the top two

  • Supportive, 4

  • means somewhat listening, but know when to ask the question "and then what happened?"
  • knowing that sometimes people want to vent; not good at decerning this
  • Direct, 3

  • 5 to 7 minute speech could have been way more concise, but need credit
  • might be something that comes with getting older, but easy to tune out until the person gets to the point
  • watching videos with the speed turned up; other people wonder why and how
  • being concise when talking, perceived as not very social;
  • dancing around the bush... the meeting could have been two line email
Posted: 2024-04-02
Author: Kenny Robinson