Toastmasters, Powered By 5,000 Lights

This speech is for Presentation Mastery, Level 1. Writing A Speech With Purpose


Speech should answer the below questions.

  • What is the most important thing I want to say?
  • Why does it matter to my audience?
  • What do I want people to hold in their hearts and minds long after my speech?

Powered By 5,000 Lights


  • Putting up lights weekend of Thanksgiving. Yes I added more lights. "Added more lights", my neighbor asked
  • compared to 17k at house down road, or 50k on tv "Christmas Light Fight", it's not that many

that's expensive

  • dont buy everything at once
  • not a cheap hobby, but definitely rewarding
  • cost per song (and season) will be computed using ChatGPT, formulas, and sequence file
  • costs are offset by viewers watching behind the scenes and other technical videos on my youtube channel *

the holiday spirit

  • kids enjoy seeing lights
  • story of kid that saw lights last Christmas, wasn't able to see them this year due to health
  • show was made better by being interactive
  • build something that people enjoy; they'll continue to come back

Because of STEM

  • shows how technology can be used to control electricity
  • utilizes T and M in STEM; have wire up the technology, use math to make sure that circuits aren't overloaded
  • 5 hour live stream as rewired control box on Thanksgiving, over 40k views
  • kids say ooh we should do this at home.
  • parents are amazed that a lot of the stuff comes from the home improvement store (wiring) and big box stores (lights)


  • rewarding because able to get others interested in the hobby
  • rewarding because shows technical abilities and knowledge with building control systems
  • rewarding because I can get paid, from sharing and demostrating what I know


Overall feedback received was that the speech was well and did articulate the purpose. One suggestion that was given was to be aware of using the phrase "I was like". It was used several times in the correct context, but one time it was used when it should not have been.

Posted: 2023-12-19
Author: Kenny Robinson