Presentation Mastery,

Speech Details

  • level 1, presentation mastery
  • 4-6 minutes

About self

  • last ice breaker speech was in May 2021
  • reviewed notes that I joined Toastmasters is to be better at speaking
  • did Innovative Planning path

Why I joined toastmasters

  • when you have an online following, being able to speak well is a key component of being a content creator
  • working with customers, have to be able to present problems and fix issues
  • picking a Path is designed to align the skills that you have and put them together in different ways

Why Presentation Mastery path

  • online audience is different than in person audience
  • when online comments come afterwards, not during; thus being able to manage the unexpected


  • objective is to be better at giving presentations
  • there's money to be made with giving presentations, both directly and indirectly
  • online speaking, results in royalties; generational wealth
  • in person speaking, results in conference invitations, seeing new places, and having new experiences
  • envolving how I present and share information currently, and improve it with the lessons learned from this Path
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr