NSBE Professionals RLC 2023 Notes

The RLC was held virtually for NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Professionals. Here are some of the notes that I took from the sessions that took place.

Day 1 - General Session

Chapter suggestions

  • need to keep an up to date website; dont have to use every social media platform
  • utilize the metrics of Eventbrite and compare them to the others
  • user buzzwords for better promotion for events and captions

  • do in-person events, meetings

  • collaborate with other groups; collaborations result in networking

  • look for the gaps in your community

  • what do people miss doing? what is happening locally?

GBM strategy

  • people that want to be involved will stay active and
  • meet at company offices, hotels, libraries, college meeting spaces with NSBE collegiate
  • company tours as an alternative

Mixers Strategy

  • consider Black owned venues
  • new places are typically flexible
  • example, doing a game night or trivia


  • promote events at least one month in advance
  • post on social media
  • utilize seasonal offerings, events
  • have passive signage at public events for recruiting and to spark interest

Tools commonly used

  • Eventbrite - set up so that donations can be submitted. should be suggested regularly
  • Stickermule - stickers, keychains, weekly deals
  • Canva - flyers, merchandise; non profits get premium access
  • free ads on Google for non profits


  • automated emails that remind members when the membership year is about to end, remind them to renew
  • all members in a GroupMe; no paywall
  • network with those that are looking to reach back and pull up

Day 1

Comm Zone Breakout Session


  • branding guidelines which is available on the website
  • consistent content, post regularly
  • use clickable links
  • optimize posting times, use analytics to determine when the best time to post
  • use hashtags that are relevant to city or local area

website management

  • how to become a member; paying dues
  • membership highlights - things that members are doing (getting degress, licenses, etc)
  • links to social media pages
  • governing documents; previous meeting minutes
  • links to NSBE website
  • chapter officers, chairs, and committees

marketing plans

  • schedule content posts
  • know where the market is; use analytics to determine where the message should be delivered to
  • have a call to action in your posts

Day 2

Regional breakout

  • town hall in September

Day 3

General Session

  • form to complete for chapters, https://form.jotform.com/231425342952049; due September 30

Board Administrative Best Practices

Leadership roles and Advisory Board

  • assign duties by roles
  • some chapters have Advisory Chair, which advises the Admin Zone
  • Advisory Board has an advisor for each Zone within the chapter
  • Advisory Board is made up of emeritus of those in the previous zone. they meet with zone leaders periodically to offer advice
  • board should consist of board chair, zone advisor co-chair, and industry advisor co-chair

Chapter leadership gudie

  • intended to be a guide as a standard operating procedures;
  • covers procedures for meetings, and more
  • Zone Overview Handbook - tasks, metrics, timing
  • documents are stored on Google Drive
  • create processes for each of the zones; templates are used to support and make process easier
  • external programs forms - used to collect information for people that want to collaborate; prevents lost and overlooked emails
  • internal programs forms - have zone member assigned tasks
  • use QuickBooks for internal accounting and for tracking reimbursements

  • have revenue streams

Posted: 2023-08-15
Author: Kenny Robinson