Table Topics for Toastmasters, Homeowner Edition

  • With people doing home renovations themselves, describe your least favorite room in your house and how you would change it with an unlimited budget?
  • Some people insist that when their grass it cut, that the clippings have to be picked up. Others say leave them and let them break down back into the soil. Which is your preference and why?
  • More tiny homes are being built, some of which are stationary. In San Antonio, they are building 350 sq ft houses that start about $100K. Would you buy this and why or why not?
  • Some people despise Homeowner Associations because they can be overbearing. What are your thoughts on neighborhoods that have HOAs?
  • Each year, HGTV does a Dream Home Giveway, which contains smart home features and various amenities. What would your dream home have?
  • Trees or no trees. Should you have them around your house and why?
  • There are people that want to buy their own home, but prices have increased significantly since the pandemic.
  • Because rent and home prices have increased significantly in recent years, people have turned to living in a camper, van, or car. What ways have you adapted to make your moveable home like your stationary home?
Posted: 2023-07-25
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr