That's All Folks!, Toastmasters Speech

This is the final speech that I have to give in the Innovative Planning path of Toastmasters. Below is the outline that created for this speech. Goal of this speech is to give a recap of how this course has impacted you, changes that you have made, lessons that you have learned, and more. This is the final speech for Level 5 of the Innovative Planning Pathway.

  • took me 2 years to complete. I am sure I could have gotten it done faster.
  • did not rush in the beginning, but as I got close to Level 3 of the Pathway, I set on doing one speech per month

Accomplishments inside of Toastmasters

  • increasing the online presence of the chapter
  • recording videos to allow fellow members critique themselves
  • holding Public Relations position within chapter

Accomplishments outside of Toastmasters

  • found that some of the curriculum, I had already completed the tasks; just a to write a compelling speech about what I had already done
  • example: already have online presence with YouTube and Tiktok
  • example: held leadership positions to lead people to the completion of a project; scholarship, engineering day at the park
  • record videos with fewer edits, which saves time getting them published
  • used my blog as a way to keep track of the speeches and review notes from the previous speeches

How much learned and gained

  • learn to talk without having teeth collide; braces
  • standing to give a speech is different that sitting
  • having an outline makes it easier to stay on topic when creating videos; it helps prevent rambling
  • more conscious about using "filler words"; instead will replace those words with momentary pause or another phrase that can fill the void
  • pay more attention to what I am saying, even in casual conversations
  • time constrained speeches, mean that you have to get to the point quickly
  • gained more followers
  • pay more attention to my facial expressions; told about me not verbalizing but face says it all

Next steps

  • continue to do speeches in the form of content
  • will be creating online courses, thus the outlining of speeches will help with that; also avoiding filler words will make it less painful to watch

set new Toastmasters goals

  • find another path to complete and start on it


  • was gvien good feedback
  • need to have notes, outline larger, so that i was not having to look intensely to find my place
  • constant hand movement can be distracting
Posted: 2023-05-16
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr