Toastmasters - High Performance Leadership, Part 1

This is the outline of the speech that I gave for Level 5 of the Innovative Planning Pathway. The goal of this speech, is to able to design and complete a project with well-defined goals, lead a time, and have a guidance committee to be accountable to.

I chose to talk about the time where I was President of my NSBE chapter. The project was sending out scholarship applications and having the selection committee vote on who they thought should be the scholarship receipents.


  • give up to two (2) scholarships to a high school or college student that will be or is majoring in a STEM field
  • recurring project - give money to students who are planning to or are majoring in an engineering field

team members

  • guidance committee - other members of the chapter that have previously assisted with the scholarship process
  • voting committee - members of the chapter that will vote on the candidates based on the credentials and other information that the candidates provide


  • define the award amount of the scholarship based on the available balance in the accounts


  • ensure that Scholarship Chair has sent out the necessary notices to schools and other contacts
  • ensure that Telecommunications Chair has posted the scholarship information on the website and chapter social media pages; also has sent out information via mailing list; social media and email task are to be repeated
  • award 2 deserving scholarship recipents from the River Region who are planning to or are majoring in a STEM field


  • send out notices to schools and other contacts about the scholarship in December, also post on social media and the website
  • applications have to be submitted by deadline set in February
  • scholarship luncheon hosted in April for winners
Posted: 2023-02-27
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr