Time Management

I started watching videos and reading blog posts about time management. I have outlined some of the things that I have learned from my watching and readings. Having a change in work and family, has changed the amount of free time that I have available. With less free time, but more items on the need or want to do list, I hit a fork in the road. I had to ask myself how can I get more done, but not neglect the other things that I have already in place?

Learn to work harder on yourself than on your job

You have to work to improve yourself. Otherwise your circumstances and outcome will not change. Seasons may vary in their length, but fall always comes out of winter. Some things like having good and bad times will always occur. The only time those things becomes different is when you change your perspective and path.

Put tasks on your calendar, not a to do list

The point that was made with this was that if it is important enough, you will schedule a time to do it instead of putting it on a list. When you schedule time to do something, it better ensures that you will get it done in a timely fashion. Otherwise you will have to schedule a follow up "appointments" on your calendar in order to finish it, which is not necessarily a great thing.

I went ahead and started doing this for the tasks around the home that I have been meaning to do but have not taken the time to actually do. In addition, I get a reminder to do the task in the future, which means that I am less likely to forget to do the task. It also makes it easier to reschedule the task to a future time, if the time that I originally scheduled the task for does not work out.

Mental Capacity

By putting what you need or want to do on your calendar, it frees your mind to be able to process more and have to remember less. Some say that the brain is a great processor, but not as great at remembering things. For that reason, write the things down on your calendar or in a notebook that you check regularly instead of trying to remember them all. This way, you are able to sleep easier and be more efficient in the work that you do because you have greater mental capacity.

Jim Rohn Presentation about how to mastering some skills or live a life of Mediocrity

You can watch the presentation on YouTube.

  • learn to handle the winters, they come right after fall
  • learn how to take advantage of spring
  • learn how to protect your crops all summer
  • learn how to reap in the fall without complaint - take full responsibility


I am going to continue to research this topic in addition to applying the techniques and suggestions that I have learned thus far. Hopefully they will provide some improvement and that I am able to get the backlog of items shortened or have a reduced amount of completion time for those items.

Posted: 2023-02-08
Author: Kenny Robinson