Write A Compelling Blog, Toastmasters Speech

Below is the outline for the speech that I gave regarding a compelling blog post. This is the Level 4 of Innovative Planning Pathway. This speech is to be 2-3 minutes long, so there are not many talking points for this speech.


Originally, Kenny started blogging on Blogger in 2010 after seeing a presentation that every person in tech should have a blog. Having a blog has allowed Kenny to have a greater online presence in addition to having a online repository for tech resources for others in the community.


  • blogging over 10 years
  • has been on different hosts


  • website is static website
  • no database, difficult to hack
  • easy to maintain
  • automatically backed up as source is in version control


  • use as central repository of information for life and career
  • code snippets and lessons learned
  • resources for other people that are wanting to get into tech
  • links to and from my social media
  • no comments, less maintenance and no spammers
  • more popular on TikTok, more views
  • ad revenue from views


  • seemed knowledgable of the topic
  • value point that the listener could learn from the blog
  • useful hand gestures and body language
  • add intro or opening statement to the speech instead of jumping right into the topic
  • can improve the speech closing by mentioning future plans or goals
Posted: 2023-01-10
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr