Splitting YouTube Channels

On occasion, I check the analytics of my YouTube channel. I had a previous conversation with Ryan Cox, who is a personal branding coach, in 2021 about branding myself and the projects that I was working on. I went back and watched our conversation again during October 2022 to make sure that I was still on track and making the moves that we had discussed.

One of the topics that did come up was the YouTube channel and that it was a bit all over the place. It clearly had suffered from a branding crisis. In my defense, it was me figuring out how things worked, and when I saw something that stuck, I would then continue with it.

Fast foward to recently, I was looking at the analytics for my channel. I noticed that the videos that relate to home improvement and automotive repair would regularly get more comments and views in comparison to those that were related to software and web development. This led me to research on having a niche channel and targeting a specific audience. I found that most channels do have a specific realm or niche that they stay within, while some channels are all over the place and still get a number of views.

People that I know personally had asked before whether I considered splitting the content up by topic, and my response would be that I did not want to do that since the content is all related to the business. I could kinda pick up that they did not think that there should be a mix of content on the same channel, and that they would probably consider subscribing if there was one niche of content on the channel instead of multiple.

Based on the opinions and data the above, I decided to split the channel accordingly. I posted a video about the split and did receive positive feedback. Those that were interested in the software and more technical aspects did subscribe to the new channel that I created.

The original channel, named Robinson Handy and Technology Services will continue to do only home improvement and the occasional car related video. The new channel, Tech Talk with RHT Services will focus on software development, web development, home automation, Linux, and more technical topics that the home improvement audience is not as interested in.

Posted: 2022-12-05
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr