Using Social Media for Passive Income, Toastmasters Speech

Below is the outline for the Toastmasters speech that I gave about building an online and social media presence. This is L4 of the Innovative Planning Pathway.


  • Goal to be monetized on youtube
  • wrote note on mirror about having passive income
  • make money without having to actively work it

What has been done

  • didn't know really what to start with, so just started in 2016 - waiting to start means that you will never start
  • early content didn't really draw much attention

  • research what others have done

  • started posting weekly, being consistent with new content
  • create a structure to videos - example local newscasts have news, weather, sports, closing segment
  • using descriptions, cliffhanger titles, and keywords to draw greater audience and improve SEO rankings
  • using comments and questions as feedback loop for what to make videos about next
  • posting comments and suggetions on the videos of others
  • sharing on other platforms about the channel

  • started business in 2021 and sharing the videos of the work that I did

  • linked business website to youtube and other social media platforms
  • finally reached monetization levels


  • automating channel because video editing is time consuming
  • create courses related to the topics on the channel; home maintenance and technology (programming)
  • additional passive income from selling digital products
  • more referrals from seeing the work being done
Posted: 2022-10-24
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr