Planning A Community Event Part 2, Toastmasters Speech

This is the outline for my speech on Level 4 of the Innovative Planning, Manage Projects Successfully. I talk about what it takes to plan a community event for my NSBE chapter, Engineering Day at the Park.

Implement the Project

  • other STEM community organizations were invited to participate and to do their own projects
  • our chapter planned on doing 8 projects; we did about 6 with other organizations doing their own projects
  • vendors donated food, including 30 pizzas, chips, and other snacks
  • have tents for projects that are in direct sunlight
  • gave out branded material

Project Review / Lessons Learned

  • do not locate Slime project table in the middle of other tables, causes major problems
  • start planning project in January so that everything will be place by August; no last minute dash
  • work with the school system to get the word out about the organization
  • consider publicizing the event earlier. that will allow more time for the community to become aware of the event
  • have more sponsors for the event
  • For those that registered for the event through EventBrite, let them use that registration as part of the check in process; caused confusion with asking them to sign in instead of allowing them to use their Eventbrite registration to sign in

Reviewer Feedback

  • holding the phone can limit the use of hand gestures
  • inviting the audience to attend the event next year was positive
Posted: 2022-10-04
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr