Planning A Community Event, Toastmasters Speech

This is the outline for my speech on Level 4 of the Innovative Planning, Manage Projects Successfully. I talk about what was required for my NSBE chapter to plan our annual Engineering Day at the Park even.t

The first part of this speech is to talk about what will be done in the project. For sprint planning, that is looking at the backlog and selecting items. Second part of the speech is to discuss how the project went.

Engineering Day at the Park

  • have grade school students learn about STEM
  • publicize the event - social media, local news, other platforms
  • have sponsors to provide food, supplies, or donations
  • select projects that can be done by the students
  • reserving the space, Oak Park
  • filing necessary permits with city
  • use previous years number of attendees (pre-COVID) to estimate current year attendees
Posted: 2022-09-27
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr