Found My Niche on TikTok

Back Story

I have been on TikTok for some time now. One day someone posted a video about how the outlets in his garage or shed were installed upside down. The poster went as far to use derogatory name to refer to the electrican and that he did not understand how someone could be incompentent to do the work in such a manner.

In response, I did a stitch of the post and responded why outlets that are installed upside down are safer than those that are installed right side up. For the record, I am talking about 120 Volt outlets that are used on the North American electrical grid.

Let's just say that video got a bigger response than what I was expecting. At the writing of this post, the video has 2.2 million views, 275 thousand likes, and 10 thousand shares. That's a lot for the video being up for almost 3 weeks.

People Want Knowledge

From making videos online, to running this blog, and now to having decent TikTok following, what I have found is that people want knowledge. On YouTube, that knowledge is typically in longer form. On TikTok and IG, that is shorter form.

After figuring this out, I decided that my TikTok platform will be providing answers and perspectives to videos that others have posted. The videos that I have posted since the outlet video have not gotten as many views or likes, but those that have commented on said videos have mentioned that they are learning.

Some of the comments that I have received are asking questions about my original response or even doing demonstrations of what I mention in the original response. That said, probably need to have a dedicated setup or make the YouTube be able to do double duty to meet the needs.

Next Steps

I have received suggestions on ways to improve my videos going forward from another TikTok-er who has been using the platform longer than I have. Lot of this is stuff that I have not known, because of the fact I did not have the audience back then that I have now.

Some of the suggestions were

  • use cover photos on videos
  • add captions
  • include relevant keywords and hashtags in the description
  • monetize videos
  • grouping videos into playlists


Will continue to do this going forward. This presents an opportunity to be able to reach others and to continue doing what I feel that I am called to do.

You can folow me on @almostengr on TikTok.

Posted: 2022-09-12
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr