Toastmaster Table Topics Related to School

This meeting, I am the Table Topics master. Since school in Alabama is about to start, I centered this meetings Topics' questions around school.

  • What was your favorite field trip?
  • What is something that you learned in school that you least use or don't use in your career? Why is the topic useless?
  • Given the number of career opportunities available, is college a requirement in today's society? Why or why not?
  • Who was that one teacher that you wish you didn't have in school? What was it about him or her that you didn't like?
  • Most people graduate college with large amounts of debt. Applying your current financial knowledge, what would you tell your younger self about student load debt?
  • Of all the school supplies that students need, what is the most important school supply and why?
  • As a student, you spend 7 to 8 hours learning in a classroom. Then spend additional hours doing home work. Is there more value in doing homework after already being taught in the classroom?
  • What's something historical that you learned outside of the classroom?
  • In what ways would you change the American education system?
  • There's a saying that "Cs get degrees". What class or subject did you not like and did the bare minimum to pass?
  • What was your favorite childhood educational show?
Posted: 2022-08-02
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr