Telling A Story, Going from YouTube to Business

  • 5 - 7 minute speech

  • the goal: start a youtube channel and build it to make passive income

Getting Started

  • did video club in high school, but the "advanced" tech that we had was a VCR
  • had to expand the skill set; use video editing software like Kdenlive
  • made videos of projects and tasks that I was working on at my house; home repairs and building software
  • struggled to find identity with the channel because it was too broad, not niche specific
  • tried to follow the professional creators way of creating videos, but proved to be difficult or well beyond where I currently was
  • monetization threshold moved; already had money but not paid and had to wait

Building A Portfolio

  • started posting similar content on personal social media pages
  • that lead my followers to start asking me to do work for them
  • posted about doing that work, effectively creating a content generating machine; do the work, talk and share about the work
  • signed up as an independent contractor; Handy, Wal-Mart, HomeAdvisor
  • plenty of opportunities, not plenty of money; sometimes 40% cut
  • COVID meant that contractors were getting paid bonuses
  • paid to just show up; delivery errors, broken tvs
  • filed the paperwork for business in 2021, Robinson Handy and Technology Services
  • learn from others that are in business and run youtube channels
  • continued to produce content but more efficiently by using automations and changing filming style
  • talk about the commonalities that exist with homes in the Montgomery area
  • being more efficient, then can do more work and thus more money
  • have reached monetization level; get paid for work and videos done years ago
  • created automations and looked for ways to improve processes; being more efficient


  • good use of hand gestures
  • could have used more vocal variety; given the context of the topic, seemed to be sufficient
Posted: 2022-05-10
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr