Learn From The Experienced

Below is the outline for the speech that I did for Level 2 of the Innovating Planning tract. This speech is to be related to the topic of mentoring. The objective is to write a 5- to 7-minute speech about a time when you were a protégé. Share the impact and importance of having a mentor.


  • describe a time when you were a protege;
  • mentor - Webster defines as "a trusted counselor or guide"
  • protege - Webster defines as "one who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence"
  • thesis: starting journey with experience, importance of mentorship

Starting Journey With Experience

  • the protege learns from the experience of the mentor
  • puts you in a better position than starting with no experience
  • human internet, since people don't use libraries anymore (or like they used to); wealth of knowledge
  • mentor can provide you guidance so that you don't repeat the mistakes that they made when going down similar paths or journeys
  • always have tried to position myself as protege because there's always something new to learn, especially when working in technology; new trends and best practices all the time

Mentor and Protege Examples

  • pastor and congregation
  • boss and employee
  • teacher and student


  • pair programming when working in IT office
  • took similar classes and were able to discuss the changes that had occurred with the course and the differences in the technologies and best practices that were taught
  • able to take the things learned from the mentor and applied them to the assignments in my classes and the work that I currently do as an IT professional

Importance of Mentorship

  • young can learn from old and the old can learn from young
  • best practices change over time, and thus more efficient way of doing things can exist if you learn from those younger than you; reciprocal learning
  • different experiences, both lifestyle and working styles, impact the perspectives that each person has
  • representation matters; when you see and interact with people that do what you are trying to achieve, you are more likely to succeed in that endeavor

Evaluator Feedback

  • positioning of notes; made it looks like conversational
  • good information that was shared
  • good use of exepreinces and allow people to relate
  • improve usage of body language in virtual context
  • ask rhetorical questions or questions to the group
Posted: 2022-03-08
Author: Kenny Robinson, @almostengr