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Montgomery River Region Digital Marketing 6-Weeks Cohort

The local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in partnership with mutliple sponsors, held a digtal marketing course of the span of 6 weeks. The reason that I signed up for the course is to be able to learn more about marketing as this is a field that I am not great at. The goal from attending from the course, is to able to learn what I do not know and to be able to apply it to other aspects of the business and online presence. Below are the notes from each of the sessions that I took.

Session 1 - Evaluating Your Brand

  • Need to complete the course for this session. There is also homework that is optional to be completed.
  • Brand matters because it is the perception that people have of your business
  • What do people say when you are not in the same room as them?
  • Does your brand make them happy, stress out, sad, etc?
  • what makes your brand different than your competition (local and online)? Start with businesses that are in your area and then look at those that are online.
  • Protect your brand online. Sometimes bad experiences and customers can cost you more than the good ones. Those bad experiences can lead customers to find another provider that offers the same that you offer.
  • Consistency in communication, from branding, messaging, product quality. Reptition = Reputation Example of Coke when it changed its formula. After complaints and sales droppping, they had to change back.

Think about Factors

  • establish your why - what makes you unique
  • obsess about your customers - their needs are priority number one
  • develop messaging that resonates - tell relatiablem, authentic story
  • be consistent time and time again - consistency builds strong brands; same logo, color scheme, etc.

  • sometimes using Reels on IG instead of posts will give you greater exposure; tagging existing brands in your post can give you greater exposure

Answer these questions to define your brand

  • what's company's mission? your why?
  • what are benefits of your product or service?
  • is someone lese already doing what you're doing?
  • what qualities do you want your customers to associate with your brand?
  • what do customers nad prospects already think of your brand?
  • how are you different?

  • share your brand story on your website

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Session 2 - Choose the Right Tools and Design A Great Website

Session 3 - Website Content Creation

Session 4 - SEO and Ecommerce

Session 5 - Email Marketing and Social Media

Session 6 -

Last update: 2022-01-13
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