COVID-19 Booster Outcome

I recently got the COVID Booster. Prior to getting the booster, I got the original shots about 8 months prior. Initially I was not going to get the booster since I did not think that it was necessary. However, after some additional consideration and given the number of activities that I had planned where I would be out around numbers of other people, I decided to proceed with getting it in addition to still wearing my mask. I have logged the outcome from each day after getting the booster.


I share this information not to pursuade you to get the vaccine or booster, but to share my experience with already having done so. It is possible that you may have a completely different outcome when it comes to getting vaccinated. With COVID almost about to enter its junior year, we all have to do better to make this thing go away.

Day 0

Got the injection after work. Could feel some soreness at the injection site. No major pain or anything of that nature. That night, I could not sleep on the side that I got the injection in as it was somewhat painful to the touch and was worse when I laid on it or applied constant pressure.

Day 1

The day started off fine. Still had soreness at the injection site, but was not unbearable. When moving my arm to shoulder height or above, I could feel the soreness. Around midday, I began to have chills. This indicated to me that I was probably running a fever, but I did not have a thermometer to check my temperature at the time. Once I got home, I made a chicken-vegetable soup that had chicken, yellow rice, cabbage, carrots, yellow squash, and green squash and took a Tylenol. I did check my temperature and it was slightly elevated around 99.5F, but nothing alarming. I also made an intentional effort to increase my water intake.

Day 2

Woke up with slight chills. Took my temperature and it read in the normal range. Thus I did not take a Tylenol since I did not think that I needed it. As the day went on, the chills went away. Still had soreness at the injection site. I would only feel the soreness when I touched the spot or when I raised by arm above shoulder level.

Day 3

All was back to normal on this day. was somewhat similar to by body's response after getting the second vaccine shot. Still ahd a little bit of soreness, but nothing that was significant.


I know there are people that are debating about getting it, theories that COVID is caused by 5G (which it is not), and that it is just a hoax (which it is not). The purpose of this post was not to discuss any of that. The purpose of this post was to share my experience with getting the vaccine booster for those that have not gotten it and/or still skeptic about getting it.

I made a post about this on my social media. One person commented that they had no symptoms, while another mentioned that he had a bad reaction because he got the Flu Shot on the same day. For those you who are not aware, it is considered to be a bad practice to get more than one vaccine within a 2 week to 30 day period. Mind you I am not a medical professional. That said, what I understand the reason to by why you do not get vaccines too close together is because your body is already working hard to fighting off one vaccine. To make it have to fight two things off at once when send it into red alert.

Posted: 2021-12-08