Blogging for Dummies

Blogging for Dummies

It has been months since I have posted something here. You are probably wondering why there has been a drought in content. Well, when running a business, working full time, planning my wedding, and having other projects happening at the same time, something has to drop off the burner. In this case, that which was dropped off was me posting content here.


I have had a blog for many of years now. When you combine the stuff that I have hear, plus the stuff that I have on Facebook before I set up this blog, that's over 10 years worth of content. My goal is to be able to continue to share content on multiple platforms that those who read the blog can benefit from.

While I have knowledge of how to run a blog, I want it to be able to do more and to be able to reach a greater and targeted audience.

Occasionally I go in the bookstore to see what's there, not because I am actually going in to buy a particular book. As I took my usual stroll to the Technology section, I saw "Blogging for Dummies". Before buying the book, I took a peek at what was in the table of contents. I saw that it covered some areas that I was interested in, but had not yet mastered, such as creating good or great content, marketing that content, and using the blog as a source of income. Thus I purchased the book.

Why Buy The Book?

Why would you buy a book when you already know the material? Reason being is because books offer a different perspective than what you see online, books allow you to disconnect from the digital devices that consume most, if not all, of our day, and having a bookshelf with no books on it just looks weird. Really it does.

As I flipped through the table of contents, I did see some subject areas that I wanted to learn more about that I have not been able to quite master with my online research of these topics. Yes, I could watch many hours of YouTube videos about the topic, but those have not been giving me the info in a way that I find that it can be useful.

Construction Ahead

As I read the book, which will not be expeditiously, you will see changes made to this blog. I have actually considered doing a layout redesign. The layout redesign is to practice my skills on getting better at UI and UX design, because I know I do not have the designer touch.

Some content that you see here, such as that under the Handyman category, maybe moved. I have not gotten far in the book at this point, but do realize that this blog may have casted a wider net than what I wanted when I set things up. You are deleting content? No. Gosh no. The content will still be online, but will move to my business website as that is one of two service areas that the business does.

Another objective will be to document things that I have learned from the book and how I go about applying those strategies to this blog as well as my business blog.


Stay tuned for things to come. It is easy to be complacent with what you already know. However, this is an opportunity for growth for myself that I choose to take on with full force.

Posted: 2021-11-15
Author: Kenny Robinson