Latest Pickings from Garden

This month, there were 3 cucumbers that I was able to pick from the garden. A number of flowers were present on the vine, but at this time was not bearing any fruit.

Have been using the onion chives, despite them having some damage from the water hose hitting and bending them.

The tomato plants are doing well. There are actually some tomatoes that have started to ripen on the vine. The only thing about these tomatoes is that they are not large in size. Some of them are smaller than grapes in size. I assume this is because of the amount of sunlight or lack thereof that they are receiving.

I did cut back the Mimosa tree branch back so that the garden can receive more sunlight during the midday.

Rain barrel collection system has been doing well. I accidently left it open one night and the entire tank drained out. The tank was refilled and overflowed by Tropical Storm Claudette as it passed through the area. The storm did not hang around as it was in an out of the area in about or less than 24 hours.

Added precipitation tracking to the blog. This information is automatically pulled by the National Weather Service and tracked in a monthly blog post.

Posted: 2021-06-30
Author: Kenny Robinson