Summer Table Topics Questions for Toastmasters Meeting

Table Topics are a portion of the Toastmasters meeting where individuals are asked a question and have to provide a response without preparing a speech. The activity is designed to give speakers opportunities to improve their improptu speaking skills.

Given that this meeting was taking place in the middle of the summer, I decided to make the topics all summer related.

I did not use all of these questions as we did not have enough time to go through all of them. When it comes to preparing for Toastmasters meetings, it is better to have more questions that what you will actually need.

The Topics

  • You are the grill master for the upcoming cookout with 100 people. What's on the menu and how do you prepare the food?

  • You get to the hotel for your vacation and the air conditioner is turned off. You immediately turn it on and set the temperature. What temperature did you set it to and why?

  • You're invited to the cookout and are asked to bring the potato salad. You have never made potato salad before so you decide to buy it from the store. How do you disguise it so that it does not look store bought?

  • Your neighbor is an early riser and every week cuts grass at 5:30 AM, waking you out of your last precious moments of sleep. You have decided to talk to him about his early habit. What do you say to him?

  • It is a hot sunny day. You park your car with the windows open and go shopping. While shopping, a pop up shower hits and rain gets in your car. How do you get rid of the water?

  • What's your favorite summer vacation spot? What activities are available to do at the spot?

  • Summer time and COVID restrictions being lifted means that people are vacationing more, especially to the beaches. Describe the bad driving habits that you have seen by these beach goers.

  • What trip or vacation did you have planned last year, that was cancelled by COVID, that you would still like to take?

  • Describe summer in three words.

  • Trees provide great shade during the summer. You decide you want to plant one or two. Which type of tree are you planting and why that particular type of tree?

  • You are allergic to grass and had all of it removed from your yard. Describe what you would put in its place.

  • The air conditioner is broken and the repair man won't be available until next week. How would you keep your house cool until it is fixed?

  • Summer means that the kids are usually at home. Would it be better that they were in school during the summer or to have the summer vacation off?

  • With summer time comes hot temperatures. How hot is too hot when it comes to outdoor summer temperatures? What do you do on these too hot days?

  • Name something, other than air conditioning, that you would not want to break during the summer?

  • The Olympics are coming up. If you were an olympian, what sport would you participate in and what would you do to train and prepare?

Posted: 2021-06-29
Author: Kenny Robinson