Pro Tower Machine Assembly

The customer requested my services to put together this work out equipment. The customer purchased this Pro Tower Machine from Academy Sports and Outdoors. I discuss the details of assembling this equipment.


Transcript (Unedited)

what's going on good people today's video i'm going to be talking about the assembly for a pro pt 600 power tower it is a workout machine um that i had to assemble for a customer here we go Music all right this particular machine i like i said i had to go and assemble it for a customer i don't have the specifics of like how long they how much it cost or anything of that nature but i did once i started opening the packaging and following the assembly instructions it did show a reference to dick's sporting goods so if you are interested in that you probably can get that from dick's sporting goods and so this is the box i did not take as many pictures as i normally do when i do these type of videos um that's just something a mistake on my end uh but this is the finalized machine you know once it is assembled and so it has multiple workout uh that multiple workouts that you can do on here and so this uh i guess cushion here actually it goes here on the back but it can also go down here on the bottom as you see there's this support here and support here so you can take it off and then put it down there and then use it as a knee pad of sorts to do other workouts on the machine and so uh the machine for this uh for as large as it is the assembly was relatively easy to do i was able to complete everything in about an hour uh majority of the bolts are the same so it has a pretty much every bolt that you see here with the exception of probably about six maybe eight of them are exactly the same so it's very difficult to make a mistake when trying to assemble this because of the fact there's so there's a lot of the same parts that go on the majority of the machine and for these bolts that are here is pretty much a bolt you put a washer on one end you slide it through wherever it's supposed to go then you put a washer on the other end and then you put a nut on the end of that bolt and all the nuts on here are locking nuts so that they do not back out easy as you are doing the workouts or whatever the case um i did do a couple of reps on it and it was able to hold me you know fine the maximum capacity according to the assembly instructions is 300 pounds for this particular machine the bars here the pull-up bars where you can do your i believe you do your dips these actually do come out this orange ball here and there's one on the other side you pull these out and then these drop down so that you have more space to do your pull-ups which is up here as i mentioned you can move this from this position down to the bottom here and then you also have like things where you can do like leg curls and so forth so it's useful um i actually have considered getting one of these myself just to be able to do some body weight workouts but it was fairly easy to assemble like i say in and out in about an hour i did have to use my hammer drill i probably could have gotten away with using like a socket wrench or um just a regular wrench to tighten up the nuts and bolts but given that those lock those lock washers on on there pretty strongly and so pretty much every time i went to go and tighten the bolts on here the hammer function like immediately almost kicked in uh just to put the nut on the bolt so uh i think it's pretty sturdy on here i did take care to make sure that those were not too tight that actually that the hammer drill didn't tighten so tight that actually started bending the metal but the metal uh i think i may have over drilled it just a little bit on some of them but the metal did not flex after maybe a little bit over tightening those um the only other i guess concern about this is so when you're putting this together the instructions do have like written steps because i'm so used to putting the you know furniture and other assemblies together without actually reading the written steps i was able to do it strictly just off the photos the diagrams on there are pretty clear on how you're supposed to assemble it and what bolt goes where the only thing i will say is i will add to that that the instructions also mentioned that you are supposed to assemble everything hand tighten only in the beginning and that's what i did so i got all the bolts in and hand tighten them so that they didn't you know the whole thing didn't fall back apart as i was still assembling assembling it and then once i got the whole assembly together then i started on the side over here starting and making my way from one bolt all the way around and then came back on the other side and did the same thing and everything worked out fine the rubber feet that you see here was already attached to the uh metal supports here so i didn't even have to do that part it was literally just put in all the bolts so screw i had i did have to secure these uh armrest pads on the uh horizontal supports here and this back pad to this cross plate here um but other than that everything else was straightforward didn't have to paint or anything of that nature so this is just a walkthrough of how you know easy was to assemble this fairly straightforward if you have any questions about this particular product assembly feel free to drop a question or your comment down in the comment section below if you are checking out the channel for a first time please be sure to subscribe and most importantly please give this video a thumb up if you have enjoyed this content until next time peace out

Posted: 2021-06-12
Author: Kenny Robinson