Star Space Executive Office Chair Review and Assembly


The chair that I previous had, experienced a lot more wear and tear during the pandemic as I was working from home. Not to mention, the chair had seen better days. It was manufactured in 1965 (really it has the date stamped on the bottom), so it was time for an upgrade.


I purchased a replacement chair. I had considered gaming chairs, but those were not as comfortable. Thus this executive office chair. I talk about it in more detail in the video below.


Transcript (Unedited)

what's going on good people this saturday project is putting together a office chair i uh you know due to the coronavirus and working from home the previous office chair that i had got worn out and given the age of the chair uh i figured all right it's time to go ahead and get a new one what should i get so i'm gonna share with you what i got as well as the assembly of said chair Music all right so this is the office chair that i ended up purchasing i got it off that uh amazon i'll just be honest uh this chair is the is an office exec executive office chair now i know a lot of people like why didn't you get a gaming chair well i looked into the gaming chairs and the thing about the gaming chairs that i saw is they did not have enough padding they are while they are cheap and functional and they look cool they do not necessarily support you for sitting for extended periods of time and looking at the reviews and some of the commentary that other people that have said that um yeah i'm glad i didn't buy those gaming chairs i actually had a cousin that bought one of those gaming chairs and so when we did a zoom meeting for thanksgiving with our family members um you know i saw him in one of the chairs that he got off of the gaming chairs that he got off amazon and so i asked him about it i was like hey how you feel about that chair that you sitting in and yeah pretty much his consensus was he hates it and so uh he mentioned a lot of what i saw which is is not as comfortable and that it um you know he kind of wished that he got something a little bit better so um and as you see i am sitting in the chair that i am talking about so uh i'm not making this up i actually do use what i'm talking about so this particular chair uh it is very comfortable it does have a weight capacity of 400 pounds now obviously you can tell and you've seen me in other videos that i'm nowhere near close to 400 pounds but i wanted a chair that was uh sturdy enough um you know and not just like borderline uh at the limits because you know things happen right you know i could sit in the chair and then pick up i don't know a heavy book or something and bam the chair breaks that's not that's not a situation that i want to be in um so uh i chose to share like i say weight capacity uh the legs on this chair are metal not plastic like you would get with a lot of those gaming chairs that you see on amazon they usually have plastic wheels with a plastic legs and the failure point on those chairs are usually the legs because that's where your weight capacity comes in at um and also the weight capacity on those chairs from what i was able to see was right around 200 to maybe 225 now i'm like 185 so 200 is not that far of a stretch for me like if i eat a big meal i could probably get close to 200. so um i was kind of wanting something with a little bit more weight capacity and so this chair came up as one of those options um also as i mentioned the padding on this chair this padding on this chair is rather thick it's very comfortable like i sit here and a lot of times you know i'm working from home because of the virus but then also after i get done working from home then i continue to sit here and work on videos like this or i work on coding projects that i have so something else and you know 10 12 even in some cases 14 hours in this chair and i don't feel sore or anything of that nature one other thing i wanted to point out is for me so i'm six feet tall and so the back of the chair is while it's right at the bottom of my head i wanted something that did have support for my upper back um because the chair that i have at my office like work office uh it does have full body support up here and it actually has even a headrest and so uh this one doesn't have a headrest unfortunately and i kind of wish it did but i'm okay with it at least supporting my shoulders and upper back because that's where a lot of your attention um that in your lower back is where your tension comes in when you're sitting for extended periods of time so i'm going to get into this assembly so this is obviously the box that it came in 50 pounds a pretty big box um i want to say maybe two feet by three feet uh as you see it says 50 pounds well excuse me 56 pounds is the gross weight the chair itself is 50 pounds so a very sturdy chair um so here are the instructions um everything that comes in here not many parts as you may think it may have uh like i said it was a lot of it was already pre-assembled so the mechanical portions of like the seat that raises and lowers the chair itself is already assembled in one piece you just have to attach it to the base of the chair it has these set of bolts um and then it comes with a tool to put everything together so literally i did not have to go get any tools um the tool came with it all right so i have in this photo taking the base out of the box as i mentioned the base is made out of metal and all you gotta do to put the wheels in there are holes in the base and you just slide them in and they lock in on their own and then here is the pack of bolts and the tool as well as the plastic caps that come with it uh just follow the instructions on how to assemble it so this is the mechanical portion of the chair so this is what controls the up and down movement as well as the rock back functionality usually i don't lock the chair uh from rocking back unlike some chairs this chair does not have the functionality where you can lock it in like various degrees you either lock it straight up or you don't lock it at all so that's kind of a sucky part like if you like to slightly recline back and lock your chair this chair won't do that like i can i'm leaning back now as you see but it's still going to move but once i sit up i don't know if you can hear that on camera but that's that click that you just probably heard was the chair actually locking in the upright position so now it won't go back and then i can unlock it and i will go back and then the other handle over here is for the height adjustment i keep this chair at the highest level that is sitting like i mentioned i'm six feet tall so my legs are literally angled straight across in this position i wanted a chair that was a little bit higher um but you know given the value and so forth this was the kind of the best of the deal in terms of chair height and comfort level all right and here's another angle it clearly marks where the front is and so you see front here as well as the front on the mounting portion so you make sure those are both pointing in the same direction i did put the arms on um it's a step in here that mentions about putting the arms on you do have to screw them on on the side there i had some difficulties getting the Music back of the chair connected to the arms because the back of the chair actually connects to the arms it does not connect to the seat of this chair so that's how that stays up but i was able to i had to loosen some of the other screws in on the chair to be able to get the back to properly align with one of the screws that had some difficulties with and then once i did that then everything was able to be tightened up as far as the back of the chair and the armrests are concerned so i am happy with it i um i believe i paid about 250 for this chair um i give or take maybe 25 on that and so uh this sheriff so far i've been using it um for about three months now and it's held up pretty well um one other thing i want to know is so a lot of those gaming chairs that i was looking at uh they have like faux leather or like polyester or some other non-breathing type material that they are made of this has a it's not full leather is i think it may be like a something similar to leather so it's a little bit durable but not exactly the gaming chair quality that you would think um you know it's not the gaming chair fabric that you would want on this type of chair and so um but it does work i know somebody else that i had a customer that had a similar chair to this this one uh the one that they had though it was it was the same brand but it was not as executive level if you will of a chair it has the same functionality it had the same assembly instructions too but their chair actually had a uh the back of the chair vibrated and you basically plugged in your laptop to the chair and the chair got the power to run the massager from the laptop very interesting concept um but you know i think it was a pretty cool chair i'm not sure how much they paid for it but i know that that's how that chair was designed so um yeah there's that if you have any questions about this feel free to drop a comment down below i'll be glad to answer anything to the best of my ability regarding the assembly of the chair or the review of this chair and how it has played out thus far um or in the future if you have any excuse me if you enjoyed this content please give this video a thumbs up each week i have new videos on 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Posted: 2021-06-05
Author: Kenny Robinson