Grass Cutting Job as Handy Pro


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what is going on fellow engineers this video is another handyman video although today is not saturday i am doing some work i have a customer who has marked me as a favorite customer on handy i'm assuming just based off the ratings because i have not done any work for this customer before and this customer has me scheduled for a lawn service so cutting grass edging those type of things and they've set me up already even without seeing like seeing my first work i just like i say based off the rating that they want me to be a recurring thing so i'm headed to do that work now and let you know once i check in Music this job did not go how handy described it in it they said that the customer's yard was about no more than 5 000 square feet coming to find out he actually had a little bit more probably close to no more than 10 000 square feet uh and that you know because of that i had my mower you know but he allowed me to the customer allowed me to use his mower which was a riding mower and i was able to get the job done in about an hour that's from using the riding more in addition to blowing off the driveway so pretty good experience he you know said hey you know probably want to use you again even though he did not have knowledge that this particular job was already booked for the next um several weeks out so that was kind of a surprise to him so he made he said he may cancel it but you know pretty much he does want me to come back for a future job and so our future grass cutting that is so that is a good thing um i that was my first time using a writing lawnmower so i had to get a little crash course on how to use it pretty simple and straightforward though um do i think i need a riding no more not really if i was full time in the grass cutting business yes i would definitely get one but for the odds of one-off jobs that are slightly bigger than the other probably not most of the grass-cutting jobs that i have they are in the city and not in such an area like where this particular customer was where it's kind of a mix of city and rule so i usually don't have that type of problem um where the customer will say hey yeah this is a little bit too big one of the other things that handy did not specify that once i got to talking with the customer is he wanted the clippings bagged instead of left bottle on the lawn um but nowhere in there did handy specify that piece of information which would have been very helpful so um yeah so sometimes they don't always get it right but you know you have to deal with it as much as you can and go forward so ultimately i did do a good job according to the customer so no concerns there and no worries for future jobs so if you have any questions about this particular lawn mowing job feel free to drop a comment down in the comment section below if you are interested in becoming a handy pro i have a link down in the description below that you can use to sign up that link is actually a referral link and it helps you know if i prefer a handy pro then not only do you get some credit but i get some credit for that as well and if you have learned a little bit about handy and this particular how the jobs work please give it a thumbs up until the next time peace out and please be sure to subscribe Music

Posted: 2021-05-01
Author: Kenny Robinson