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what's going on fellow engineers today i actually have a handy job and so i'm going to be showing you uh some of the details related to that job i have my tools already loaded up and about head to head out this particular job is for a tv mounting this tv mounting i'm not going to actually do video of me actually installing that inside the customer's house because i don't like to do that usually i'll just take pictures so i'll discuss like the steps i do as i'm mounting it with the pictures that i'll show you coming up all right i have pulled up to the customer's house so the next part of the process is i check in on the handy app to let the handy though as well as the customer know that i have arrived at their location all right so what we have here is a tv install this is the tv that the customer wanted to install he has like a workout space if you will a workout room and uh this is a tcl i believe it is as you see here it is a 32 inch smart cv and he wanted it mount on the wall that way when he works out you know you can turn it on move it away from the wall do what you got to do then when you're done turn it off so be it uh also with this tv he provided the on the tv mount as you see from this is the instruction manual it is a 32 to 47 inch mount but is a single mount so it literally mounts to a single stud on the wall and it's also a mount that articulates so it can be moved in and out and the tv you know twist turned rather you know left or right to position it where it needs to be positioned all right the first step in this was to you had to it came with a template the mount that is and you had to drill three holes on the wall to mount the three bolts that would eventually come in that's in a future step uh the what i did i had to use my stud finder to locate where the stud was on the wall and so once i found that stud i like i said drill the holes there because this room is at a a rather different angle this wall that is being mounted to is a full wall i believe this wall was eight no excuse me maybe nine or ten feet but on the other side of where this wall is is actually a knee wall so if you're not familiar knee walls are usually a short vertical wall three to four feet high and then the remaining height of that wall is a sloped angle which is the back side of the roof and so positioning it where it was and trying to get it in between you know essentially a angle like this where you have the vertical wall on this side and then the slope group on this side and to get it high enough so that if the tv is out you can walk underneath it and not hit your head but also not too high that it bumps the wall over here on the the sloped wall or sloped ceiling if you will so that was a little bit of challenge i measured it probably about three or four times and even when i measured it though several times i wasn't 100 sure that i actually got it in the right spot but i managed to do so so after that uh the three holes are in the wall the next step is to mount the bracket onto the back of the tv and so this also came in the bracket that is came with the tv mount and also these four screws here and depending on this tv because it accepts so many sizes you see there are multiple holes here and it actually has some extension arms that came in the kit that allow you to attach for even bigger tvs but because this is the smallest size that this mount will accommodate i didn't need all of that extra hardware so i was able to use the four screws on the actual plate itself alright the next part i mounted the mount to the wall and as you see those three holes that i drilled earlier are where the three bolts are at and pay attention because some mounts do have like arrows of how those mounts are supposed to be installed and as you see here this mount actually has a up arrow because this is supposed to be in the up direction because the actual where the the back plate on the tv connects to this mount is designed to only work one way so if you install it upside down the tv won't stay on so pay attention pay attention pay attention oftentimes they the manual will also mention whether the mount should be a right side up or upside down or if it if you can even install it upside down but like i say pay attention now if you notice this kind of this hole here is not straight centered into the opening and the reason being is because well i put the level onto the side of the mount itself because sometimes you may not drill exactly center into the stud that happens you know a little bit of user error in there sometimes and it could also be the fault of stud finder because all stuff finders are not a hundred percent accurate all the time that being said though this one is like i said it's not square center in here but the mount itself was vertical you know 100 level because i put the level on it once i got the top bolt in then i put the level on it and moved it over as it needed to be so that it remained level and then secure the bolt in place all right now here's a different angle for the mounts the top and bottom bolts have covers that go over there that way you don't see them when the tv is moved away from the wall the middle one doesn't because i think the way they designed it they would think hey if you're going to put this tv on the wall that middle mount is not i mean that middle screw is not as significant to be seen so there was no cover for that one you can also see that i've mounted the tv here and up here is two screws that actually secure the mounting plate which is this right here to the mount itself and the top half doesn't even actually have bolts in it it just has this kind of like a hook like this and so the arm just sits on top of that and so that's how the top of it is held in and then as i mentioned the bottom part is held in with these two screws here and here is the final a different view of the final installation so as you see and here there is this angle uh slope of the ceiling as well as over here but it does fit in the space and it can be moved you know at any angle and here's a different angle of that room as you see again this is the this is the back side of the roof or the ceiling for this room because it does have knee walls so it's very of a very tight space i didn't run the cables down to the outlet the customer stated that he has some additional cables that he wanted to run and he wanted to get the they have this uh what they call like a wire channel and he wanted to get that and install that but he said he would do that himself so i left the plug off of there because there is no plug up here in this area the plug was uh directly below where this went so if it wasn't on this stud it may have been on the next stud over so he probably would have had to get like a surge protector or an extension cord of some sort to be able to run that distance in addition to being able to uh have enough slack in here so that he can move it in and out as need be when he's in the room and with that the tv install is completed as you saw the installation was in a fairly tight space but the customer is happy where it was placed because that is where he wanted it to be so i've now checked out the handy app and that completes this job so with this job in particular it was booked for two hours but i was able to finish it in roughly 45 minutes or so so when that happens handy still pays you for the full two hours because that is what the customer booked so you know the faster you work and you know of course if you book if you do it faster and get it right then you're hourly pay rate if you will essentially goes up so for that particular install i got i think it was paying 50 for the two hour period so because i did it faster than maybe i got 50 an hour so not bad for you know hours worth of work not including the drive time to and from the customer's house so that wraps it up for this video if you have any questions about handy drop the those down in the comments below uh also please be sure to subscribe by clicking the subscribe button and the bell to get notifications if you want to sign up for handy you can use the referral link that i provide down there in the description as well that helps me and you as also get an incentive for signing up as a referral to handy so until next time peace out Music

Posted: 2021-03-06
Author: Kenny Robinson