NSBE National Leadership Training, July 2020

Comm Zone Strategic Planning Session 20200708

  • excellence in membership
  • innovative communication 360
  • national communication request form - https://eu.jotform.com/form/201458670249156
  • create our own contact form
  • within the next year, will attempt to unify the brand across various areas
  • measure the effectiveness of the campaign
  • info to be provided about naming conventions
  • automation in membership engagement, personalized emails and communications
  • looking to do monthly meetings
  • meetings will start in or around August
  • Memo Mondays, like a weekly newsletter of upcoming events and things to know
  • new mission statement for just the Professionals
  • look at Regional shared calendar
  • set up request system that allows requests to be submitted for communicatoin to be sent out or posted on social media
  • shared folder for images and other content that will be used, may move to website going forward
  • have the chapters be highlighted in social media posts and enews to be posted


NSBE Systems Project

  • nebtech@nsbe.org, check to see if there is access to Trello board
  • need to provide content for the new website
  • training on the new system
  • current website is in preview
  • two vendors, Fonteva, Refactored
  • will need to provide new content for the new NSBE website, existing content will not be migrated from the current website (may need to save the existing content) so that it can be used on the new website

Effective Communication with the Membership

  • new association management system (tracking memberships and more)

membership recruitment hierarchy

  • members
  • supporters, connected
  • interested
  • aware
  • not-aware, but member-like

  • need to look at the analytics around the regional social media pages

  • form can be submitted for it to be process and communicated out to the public
  • Google G Suite is a free service for non profits, need to look into for chapter https://www.google.com/nonprofits/eligibility/

Professionals Programs-Communications Cross Functional

  • ITSMF (IT Senior Management Forum)
  • mentorship program for Professionals doesn't exist. Ones to be established. There is a system in place (MyNSBE Bulletin Board) but it is not utilized as it was intended
  • have members let it be known that they are looking for mentorship, when they sign up for membership or via email communication


General Session

  • Ready, Set, Grow
  • read the plan that was shared by the Genius Group

NSBE Scientific Journal

  • option 1) have a website within the existing website.
  • option 2) have a printed copy of the journal, cost estimated $30K
  • my preference is that a digital copy be provided, and if they want printed, then they can print it themselves
  • there's a need for students and professionals to do studies so that they can better themselves
  • articles in journal would have a particular focus, have to go through a review process

Cross Functional with Finance and Communication

  • database of licensed professionals
  • offer funding for courses, outreaches
  • scholarships for the Professional members
  • have a social media campaign with promoting the course; have the members promote the event in a social media blurb
  • leveraging open source software instead of using the paid software; CiviCRM and GIMP mentioned
  • need to set up donation circles, and publically recognize the individuals that do donate. That will encourage those that have not already donated to do so.
  • how we can better have the Finanace Zone integrate with the Communication Zone
  • Fonteva, name of the CRM system that NSBE will be moving towards.

Promoting The NSBE Brand

  • brands are identified by their logo; logo must stand out
  • 4 official logos can be used, can be downloaded from the national website
  • don't modify the logo outside the guidelines
  • professionals as a series of logos as well,
  • have to submit design, in pdf, to the National Publications chairperson; there is a logo approval form;
  • need to have a consistency in sharing our message
  • Sometimes the conversation online, needs to move to email or DM to be fully addressed. Sometimes the conversation can be blown out of proportion if not done in that manner.
  • Sometimes members dont want to receive certain emails; thus will miss some of those critical communications
  • Page of links to all the forms that exist; therefore members dont have to send emails and those emails end up getting overlooked.
  • need to determine what the brand will become
  • collegiate member not interested in becoming a Professional member; need to communicate the benefits of being a Professional member; have the collegiate members let them know where they can get help from the Professionals members; let it be known where the seniors are headed


Marketing 101: Utilizing the Social Media, the Website and Press

  • look to see if there was a previous campaign done, perhaps a transition document; editorial calendar;
  • need to know the audience and who are you trying to reach; demographics (age, professional, major, interests, education)
  • Have links or forms, hashtags; allow for interactions to happen
  • advised to use 3-4 hashtags, max; tag sponsors
  • Check the analytics for your social media
  • ask about if Google Analytics will be part of the new website; will regional Comm zone be provided info
  • need a welcome message for the website from the current chair; needs to be done ASAP; video or text can be provided
  • doing a Twitter chat?
  • possibly do a "Member Monday" where content is posted to have the members engaged with the social media platform, to have members facilitate the discussion around engineering and STEM
  • multiple ways to distribute information: social media, email, website; draw them to the respective website
  • have the same message on multiple platforms at the same time
  • Send email to Yvette requesting the analytics information be provided
  • why working with the media is important; it can be used as leverage to talk about the campaign that is currently ongoing; can include the stats in the email; media needs to have a balance of good and bad stories;
  • be sure in mentioning to the reporter, share the information about the event such as the who, what, where, when, and why; provide some of the keynote speakers that could possibly be interviewed; be strategic in who you reach out too

NSBE Enterprise System Training

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Author: Kenny Robinson