Replacing Exterior Trim


Customer had some trim that was rotting on an exterior door. From what I can tell, all of the water was not being caught by the gutter in some places. As a result, the water would land on the patio after falling off the roof and splash on to the wood and door. In addition, this door receives the morning sun with no shade until mid-morning.

Materials Used

  • paint
  • PVC replacement trim
  • nails / screws
  • hammer
  • chizel
  • oscilating, hand, or reciprocating saw
  • caulk

Remove the Rotted Wood

The first step was to remove the rotted wood. As you can see from the photos, paint was missing where the wood met the concrete. This is due to the sun and water coming in content with the paint and wood. Using a reciprocating saw, hammer, and screwdriver, I was able to remove the rotted portions of the wood.

One side of the door was more rotted than the other. I assume that this was because of greater water contact with the wood that was in contact with the concrete. Some of the 2 x 4 structure that was behind the door jam was rotted. The rotted portions of the wood was removed

Replace The Wood

After the rotted wood was removed, the new wood was put in it's place.

Updated: 2020-07-24 | Posted: 2020-05-20
Author: Kenny Robinson