Notes from session @theblackupstart about writing book during quarantine

  • iamashcash was the speaker

step 1: make sure that people want the book

  • survey and research the market first; are there videos on the topic; don't want to write a book on a topic that nobody wants to read
  • "everyone has a book in them"
  • find how your story connects with your target market
  • ARTICLE: "what the FICO?" 5 ways your becomes a curse
  • find a topic that is needed; add your passion to it; then somebody will want to buy it

step 2: dictate the book

start with the end in mind. the explains the steps that get you to that book. outline in the manner of you giving a presentation.

in 1 minute, write about your business. then talk about the business in the same amount of time. it's easier to verbally talk about it instead of writing it.

use voice recorder and then have it transcribed

possible to dictate a book in 10 hours.

the meat and potatoes in your book is what's in your head

works with fiction and non-fiction books

step 3

self edit

read it yourself

get someone else to edit it (Upwork); look at other work that they have done; don't want to have mistakes as it may damage your reputation

hire somebody to do the cover (Fiverr)

publish the book

Amazon (KDP) Ingram Sparks

don't necessarily need to do an NDA as the book itself is copyrighted. The platforms have user agreements that your work is protected. Confirm the terms and conditions

see what are the books that are selling right now and what the colors and looks are current what is the books message and how to draw people to it see what other books have that are working and do not reinvent the wheel

step 4

make your book reach as many people as possible

book sellers

go on Amazon for selling books; largest book retailer

Amazon takes 60/ you get 40

refer to website

make it at least available on Amazon as it gives you notoriety

key 1: do not use their extended distribution with Amazon

Amazon will present the book to other companies. They'll present it as Amazon, thus you come off as a self-published author. don't do that

buy your own ISBN number (Bouker); allows you to put your own brand name (publishing company) on it

go to Ingram Sparks is a distributor for Barnes and Noble and other book stores

don't be picky about where you sell it. you can sell it and have others to do it for you

Amazon delivery system is better; useful for book events

You can give people a discount if you sell them the author copy (paying for print only). If folks ask for your book, sell it directly instead of using an online retailer

Start a business and associate the ISBN with it.


fill out the form

have to send them the manuscript; covers the contents and the title

some terms are trademarked if your book name is close to a trademarked name, then you could potentially get sued trademark protects the name; copyright protects the work

things mentioned can also apply for ebooks. can also do for audio books as well. do the best to reach your audience in all forms of media; can also be done in different languages

tips can be applied worldwide as there are sellers all over the world

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Posted: 2020-04-05
Author: Kenny Robinson