Night School Investing Notes


After the quarantine started, SchoolHouseU started doing IG Live sessions called Night School. The purpose of these night school classes was to teach people various skills by people that have demonstrated their skills online.

This particular session was about investing and finances. I have provided my notes from the session below so that others may learn what was shared in the session.

This particular course was done by a guy know as the Wall Street Trapper.

*NOTE: This is information was not provided by a licensed financial adviser. You take upon yourself the risk of the financial information provided or risks associated with it.



  • Reason
  • Understand
  • Longevity
  • Expand
  • Simplicity

Market Types

  • "bull" means the market is up
  • "bear" means the market is down

  • have a business with edge

  • be a bear = assets on discounts

Other Notes

  • dividend yield = percentage of each $100 that you would get when dividends are paid out
  • become time rich, it increase your freedom
  • freedom price = the price to live without working
  • ask how critical is business before investing
  • own where you bank; meaning if you have money invested in Wells Fargo, then you need to own stock in Wells Fargo
  • pay yourself first
  • understand and review the 10K, 10Q, and annual reports
  • get and give the knowledge of investing
  • REIT = real estate investment trusts; these usually are comprised of retirement complexes, shopping malls, vacation resorts, etc; most pay dividends
  • read the book "Intelligent Investor"
  • Yahoo Finance provides information on the financial markets
Updated: 2020-08-30 | Posted: 2020-03-31
Author: Kenny Robinson