Manual Tree Branch Tear Down

No commentary is done in the video. Just a demostration showing the process of what I did get it done. Just removing a dead and decaying tree limb from a tree. The limb has been dead for some time. It was resting a branch that was in front of it. Also some of the upper limbs would break off during windy conditions, thus creating a safety hazard. The first attempt was to shake the branch back and for in hopes that it would eventually break loose. However that strategy did not work as it was still connected near the base of the tree. A number of the upper limbs did break off as result of the rocking. Next I attempted to chop the base of the branch with a hatchett. I didn't have an axe on hand, although this would have been the preferred tool for the job. The core of the limb was still mostly solid, thus difficult to chop through. So I removed as much of the decayed wood from the base of the limb as possible so that it would be easier to break free. Next I tried to push down the branch. However this did not work as I was not able to get much leverage from pushing. In addition, the limb would slide back after pushing. Since that attempt failed, I got a tow rope and connected it to the tree. The tow rope was slick, so I put a shovel on the other end of the rope to use it as a handle. After a number of pulls, I was able to get the branch down on the ground so that it can be removed and no longer a safety hazard.

Updated: 2021-06-01 | Posted: 2019-03-16
Author: Kenny Robinson