Greens From the Winter Garden

Me holding mustard green leaf

As we enter March, it's almost time to prepare for the summer garden.

Weather Summary

However, Mother Nature decided to throw a curve ball with an unexpected frost after severe weather. I did see a post on social media about the groundhog got the weather forecast wrong. This is not surprising. What sense does it make to take weather advice from a cousin of a rodent? I'm just saying. Back to the subject at hand... the winter garden is still producing ready to eat food. This is a picture of a mustard green that I pulled from the garden. As you can see it is as long as my arm, which is over two feet in length. There were multiple leaves on the stalk like this one.

Garden Harvest

In total, I picked about 2 pounds of greens and still didn't make a dent in the on hand supply. I think part of the reason for the greens being able to grow so large is due to the large amounts of rain that have taken place in recent weeks. Also being able to control the snails, catepillar worms, and other pests that feed on them with a mixture of salt and flour has helped. Without this occasional pest control, they would devour the leaves resulting in holes or entire leaves missing. This week's weather has multiple frosty nights in the forecast. This is contrary to the severe weather and tornadoes that were experienced during the previous weekend. The frost will continue to control any pests that did start to set up shop on the leaves, especially the snails.

Updated: 2021-06-01 | Posted: 2019-03-04
Author: Kenny Robinson